2010 On Farm Corn Foliar Fungicide Trials Results


  • Paul Esker
  • Mike Ballweg
  • Bob Halfman
  • Richard Halopka
  • Matt Hanson
  • Steve Huntzicker
  • Jon Zander
  • Paul Sturgis
  • UW-Cooperative Extension
Project Media

With corn prices high, the use of foliar fungicides as a means to enhance corn yield remains a topic of great debate. In our previous trial years that have included both small and large strip trials, there has not been a consistent benefit from the use of a foliar fungicides (Grau et al., 2008; Esker et al., 2009). In order to provide the most comprehensive data to stakeholders in the state, staff at the University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension Service and UW College of Agricultural and Life Sciences have continued a coordinated effort to generate data from replicated large on-farm strip trials and small plot trials.