Are Nematodes Really a Problem in Corn?


  • Ann MacGuidwin
  • UW-Madison Dept. of Plant Pathology
Project Media

Four out of every five animals on earth is a nematode, so it is not surprising that corn and soybean fields are teeming with many members of this diverse group of invertebrates. In 2012 the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board expanded the long-running soybean cyst nematode (SCN) testing program to include the “complete nematode test” so producers can monitor total nematode pressure in four fields every year at no charge. This sampling program was used to estimate the current distribution and damage potential for nematode pests of corn in Wisconsin. As of November 30, 2012 the program received 315 samples for analysis. Thirty-five samples arrived before July 1st so the results could be used to explain crop performance in 2012. Samples that arrived after July 1, 2012 were useful for predicting nematode pressure for the 2013 crop.