Evaluation of Foliar Fungicides on Alfalfa, 2011


  • Paul Esker
  • Bill Halfman
  • Bryan Jensen
  • UW-Madison
Project Media

Current trends in agronomic field crop production (corn and soybean) have been towards the use of foliar fungicides to increase yield in the absence of disease to promote “plant health.” Trials conducted across Wisconsin and the region has indicated very inconsistent results. Recently, Headline® (BASF, Research Park Triangle, NC) was approved for use in alfalfa. We have received numerous questions from growers and university researchers regarding the benefits of foliar fungicide use in alfalfa grown for hay. Many of these questions have been focused on the use of a fungicide in a tank mix combination with an insecticide with the hope of providing a positive synergistic yield response. Thus, the objective of this study was to conduct field research trials in Wisconsin to examine the benefit of using a foliar fungicide, foliar insecticide, or both in alfalfa.