Fungicide Applications on V5 Corn


  • Paul Esker
  • Nancy Koval
  • Bryan Jensen
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
Project Media

Foliar fungicide applications on corn remain a controversial topic. There continues to be debate regarding the economic use of foliar fungicides, and more recently, discussions have ensued about the use of foliar fungicides during vegetative growth stages, specifically at the V5 to V6 growth period coinciding with post-emergence herbicides applications. In soybean, the use of tank mixes has been discussed extensively in terms of avoiding the mixing of herbicidesinsecticides-fungicides based on several factors like application equipment (nozzle type), coverage, and timing as well as the use of thresholds for insects like aphids (see: We feel that these same considerations need to be made about the use of tank mixes for corn. However, in corn less is known about the effect of early-season fungicide applications on disease development and late season stalk health