Integrated Management for Wheat Diseases


  • Paul Esker
  • Shawn Conley
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • UW-Madison Dept. of Plant Pathology
Project Media

As wheat production continues to increase in Wisconsin (Fig. 1), the management of wheat diseases, especially with the use of foliar fungicides, has become an even more important topic of discussion (Fig. 1). With estimated foliar fungicide prices in the $25-30/acre range (application cost plus fungicide cost) for 2009, an integrated management approach for controlling wheat diseases is important. What does it mean to take an integrated management approach for controlling wheat diseases? This is a multi-step process of decisions (Esker et al., 2008a; Hollier and Hershman, 2008) and includes: (i) scouting fields, (ii) identifying the growth stage, (iii) knowledge of the disease risk, (iv) knowledge of the disease reaction of the variety planted (Conley et al. 2008), (v) stand quality coming out of dormancy, (vi) crop development, (vii) weather, (viii) knowledge of the types and differences in foliar fungicides, and (ix) wheat prices.

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