Integrated Weed Management in Carrot Production


  • Jed Colquhoun
  • Richard Rittmeyer
  • Daniel Heider
  • UW-Madison Horticulture
Project Media

Carrot growers are challenged with a broad spectrum of weed species in a relatively uncompetitive crop and currently have few management options to remedy the situation. Furthermore, linuron, one of the more effective control options in carrots, is restricted in use on coarse-textured, low organic matter soils where the crop is often grown. With this in mind, studies were conducted to: 1) identify herbicide programs that provide season-long control; 2) evaluate preemergent herbicides on cereal nurse crops interseeded among carrots for wind erosion control; and, 3) identify carrot varieties that suppress weeds with rapid emergence and establishment. All studies were conducted at the Hancock Agricultural Research Station in Hancock, WI on a loamy sand soil.