Small-Scale, On-Farm Biodiesel Production


  • Jerry Clark
  • Bob Cropp
  • Carl Duley
  • Bill Halfman
  • Steve Huntzicker
  • Trisha Wagner
  • Jon Zander
  • UW-Extension
Project Media

On-Farm biodiesel production has gained interest in the past few years as volatile energy costs impact Wisconsin farmers. Dairy and other livestock production continues to be very important in western Wisconsin and on-farm biodiesel production may be one way for livestock farmers to lower their costs both of fuel and protein inputs. Very little, if any, applied research is available for farmers regarding production, costs or safety of biodiesel production. University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension Agriculture Agents in the Western District have developed a complete system for evaluating small scale on-farm biodiesel production including growing different oilseed crops to processing the oil into ATSM quality biodiesel. On-Farm Biodiesel Options for Livestock Farms is a program the extension agents have designed to provide farmers with unbiased information to make informed decisions regarding production of biodiesel. Information gathered from the program also includes quality and economics of feeding the protein meal byproduct to dairy cattle and other livestock.