Summary of the 2008 Strip Trials for Foliar Fungicide Use On Corn


  • Paul Esker
  • Mike Ballweg
  • Greg Blonde
  • Joe Bollman
  • Jerry Clark
  • Dave Fischer
  • Carla Hargrave
  • Steve Huntzicker
  • Bryan Jensen
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
Project Media

Foliar fungicide use on corn has increased in recent years. Insufficient Midwest field data have encouraged a series of small- and large-scale research plots implemented by UW-Madison and Extension personnel in 2007 and 2008. Large-scale field plots have advantages and disadvantages when compared to small scale plots. Advantages of small-plot research include the ability to control variables such as soil type/texture, drainage, soil compaction and pest interactions. It also allows the researcher to evaluate several different treatments in a small area. However, the value of large-scale on-farm research is that the previously mentioned variables are not singled out and those results better represent “real world” scenarios. Both research methodologies should be considered vital and important steps in the research process.

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