Evaluation of potential new herbicides in garden beets


  • Jed Colquhoun
  • Dan Heider
  • Richard Rittmeyer
  • UW-Madison
Project Media

Weed management options in garden beets have become limited in recent years,
particularly after the introduction of glyphosate-resistant sugar beets and subsequent loss of
herbicide registrations. The primary objective of this project was to evaluate registered and nonregistered
herbicides as part of pre- and post-emergent programs in an effort to achieve seasonlong
weed control. Studies were conducted in 2013 at two locations (Arlington and Plover, WI).
A total of 12 weed management programs were evaluated. Four garden beet varieties were
included: ‘Ruby Queen’, ‘Detroit Supreme’, ‘Red Ace’ and ‘Red Titan’. This study will be
repeated in the 2014 growing season at both locations.