Implications of off-target herbicides near specialty crops


  • Jed Colquhoun
  • Dan Heider
  • Richard Rittmeyer
  • UW Madison
Project Media

The introduction of new agronomic crop herbicides in recent years that are active at low doses, as well as the pending introduction of crop traits conferring resistance to additional herbicides, have spurred an interest among specialty crop producers in knowing more about the potential off target implications of these tools. While pesticide drift remains a concern, our recent work has focused more on implications of potential spray tank contamination when specialty crops are sprayed after agronomic crops, such as corn, soybean or small grains. We recently completed a replicated study in snap bean and potato in this subject area and have also completed the first repetition of a 2-year study looking at the implications of potato seed crop exposure to herbicides on daughter tuber germination and growth.